Task Service (WP-CLI)

Sometimes in plugins, you could want to create some specific WP-CLI command.

How to create a task service

Create a class that implements the TaskServiceInterface, which requires you to implement a register method.

class MyPluginCommandService implements TaskServiceInterface
    public function register(){
        if(!class_exists('WP_CLI')){ return; }
        //Register your commands
        \WP_CLI::add_command( 'commandName', CommandClass::name ); //authorizing a new wp-cli task works by calling this method with a task name and a class to execute it

Registering your service

Register your service inside your plugin manager :

$this->addService(ServiceInterface::COMMAND_SERVICE_NAME, function () {
    return new MyPluginCommandService();

Launching your command

As you can see, inside the registerCommand method, we call the \WP_CLI::add_command method to register our new command. The first parameter is the name of the command as you'll execute at some point with wp-cli, for example : vendor/bin/wp commandName. Upon execution, the command will instanciate the class you've provided by name in the second parameter. In our example, the CommandClass class.

This class needs to have an __invoke method that would kick the command execution.