Shortcode Service

Similarly to hooks, in large plugins you could have multiple shortcode definitions, pointing to callables defined in various places. Still similarly to hooks, this service tries to act as the object that gathers and manages the shortcode definitions.

How to create a shortcode service

Create a class that extends the AbstractShortcodeService class. The AbstractShortcodeService class implements the ShortcodeServiceInterface, therefore it requires that your route service implements a register() method.

class MyPluginShortcodeService extends AbstractShortcodeService

    public function register()
        add_shortcode('myshortcode', array($this, 'myshortcodemethod'));
    public function myshortcodemethod(){
    	return 'hello world';

Registering the shortcode service

Add these few lines inside your plugin manager.

$this->addService(AbstractService::$SHORTCODESERVICENAME, function(){
    return new MyPLuginShortcodeService();