Route Service

Manipulating the WP_Rewrite API is not an easy task in WordPress. We've tried to abstract the complexity of creating custom routes for your plugin thanks to the use of a route service.

With a route service, you can define two kinds of routes:

  • Routes that map a url to a certain file
  • Routes that map a url to a certain callable

How to create a route service

Create a class that extends the AbstractRouteService class. The AbstractRouteService class implements the RouteServiceInterface, therefore it requires that your route service implements a getRoutes() method.

class MyPluginRouteService extends AbstractRouteService
    public function getRoutes(){
        if(empty($this->_routes)) {
            $manager = Container::getInstance()->offsetGet('wwp-recette.Manager'); //Here we get the plugin manager to access the plugin controller, which will be used as a callable object.
            $this->_routes = array(
                ['(.*)/arome/{arome}/typeplat/{typeplat}/instant/{instant}/pageno/{pageno}','index.php?pagename=$matches[1]&arome=$matches[2]&typeplat=$matches[3]&instant=$matches[4]&pageno=$matches[5]','GET'], //example of a route that maps a url to a file
                ['recette/resetfilters/{previousRecettePageId}',array($manager->getController(AbstractManager::$PUBLICCONTROLLERTYPE),'resetFilters'),'GET'] //example of a route that maps a url to a callable

        return $this->_routes;

Registering the route service

Add these few lines inside your plugin manager.

    //Hook service
    return new MyPluginRouteService();

More on routes

See the dedicated doc section.