The Plugin Manager

The manager is an essential file for your plugin. It's inside this file that you register three types of things :

  • your configurations,
  • your controllers,
  • your services.

Creating your manager

The generator should have created the manager for you. If you want to create a manager by yourself, you need to follow these requirements :

  • Extend the AbstractManager class or implement the ManagerInterface interface

Registering your configs

To set a config for your plugin, you can use : $this->setConfig($key,$val).

You can then retrieve the config value like this : $this->getConfig($key,$defaultValueIfEmpty);

Registering your controllers

You can register any type of controller you want. The most common (admin and public) have reserved constants on the AbstractManager class to help you enforce their type :

//Example of registering an Admin controller if you want ::
$this->addController(AbstractManager::ADMIN_CONTROLLER_TYPE, function () {
    return new ErThemeAdminController($this);

//Example of registering a public controller if you want ::
$this->addController(AbstractManager::PUBLIC_CONTROLLER_TYPE, function () {
    return new ErThemePublicController($this);

//Example of registering a custom (eg API) controller if you want ::
$this->addController('api', function () {
    return new ErThemePublicController($this);

Registering your services

You can see the reserved service names as constants on the ServiceInterface class.

Example of service registration:

$this->addService(ServiceInterface::HOOK_SERVICE_NAME, function () {
    //Hook service
    return new ErThemeHookService();

Full example of a manager


namespace WonderWp\Plugin\Actu;

use WonderWp\Component\PluginSkeleton\AbstractManager;
use WonderWp\Component\PluginSkeleton\AbstractPluginManager;
use WonderWp\Component\DependencyInjection\Container;
use WonderWp\Component\Service\ServiceInterface;
use WonderWp\Plugin\Actu\Controller\ActuAdminController;
use WonderWp\Plugin\Actu\Controller\ActuPublicController;
use WonderWp\Plugin\Actu\Repository\ActuRepository;
use WonderWp\Plugin\Actu\Service\ActuActivator;
use WonderWp\Plugin\Actu\Service\ActuAssetsService;
use WonderWp\Plugin\Actu\Service\ActuFiltersService;
use WonderWp\Plugin\Actu\Service\ActuFrontMapper;
use WonderWp\Plugin\Actu\Service\ActuHookService;
use WonderWp\Plugin\Actu\Service\ActuPageSettingsService;
use WonderWp\Plugin\Actu\Service\ActuSearchService;
use WonderWp\Plugin\Core\Framework\PageSettings\AbstractPageSettingsService;

 * Class ActuManager
 * @package WonderWp\Plugin\Actu
 * The manager is the file that registers everything your plugin is going to use / need.
 * It's the most important file for your plugin, the one that bootstraps everything.
 * The manager registers itself with the DI container, so you can retrieve it somewhere else and use its config / controllers / services
class ActuManager extends AbstractPluginManager

     * Registers config, controllers, services etc usable by the plugin components
     * @param Container $container
     * @return $this
    public function register(Container $container)

        //Register Config
        $this->setConfig('path.root', plugin_dir_path(dirname(__FILE__)));
        $this->setConfig('path.base', dirname(dirname(plugin_basename(__FILE__))));
        $this->setConfig('path.url', plugin_dir_url(dirname(__FILE__)));
        $this->setConfig('textDomain', WWP_ACTU_TEXTDOMAIN);

        $this->setConfig('news_per_page', $this->getConfig('news_per_page', 20));
        $this->setConfig('enableFilters', $this->getConfig('enableFilters', true));
        $this->setConfig('viewEntityMapper', $this->getConfig('viewEntityMapper', [ActuFrontMapper::class, 'map']));

        //Register Controllers
        $this->addController(AbstractManager::ADMIN_CONTROLLER_TYPE, function () {
            return new ActuAdminController($this);
        $this->addController(AbstractManager::PUBLIC_CONTROLLER_TYPE, function () {
            return $plugin_public = new ActuPublicController($this);

        //Register Services
        $this->addService(ServiceInterface::ACTIVATOR_NAME, function () {
            return new ActuActivator(WWP_PLUGIN_ACTU_VERSION);
        $this->addService(ServiceInterface::HOOK_SERVICE_NAME, $container->factory(function () {
            //Hook service
            return new ActuHookService($this);
        $this->addService(AbstractPageSettingsService::PAGE_SETTINGS_SERVICE_NAME, function () {
            //Page settings service
            return new ActuPageSettingsService();
        $this->addService(ServiceInterface::SEARCH_SERVICE_NAME, function () {
            //Search service
            return new ActuSearchService();
        $this->addService(ServiceInterface::ASSETS_SERVICE_NAME, function () {
            //Asset service
            return new ActuAssetsService($this);
        $this->addService('repository', function () {
            //Asset service
            return new ActuRepository();
        $this->addService('filters', function () {
            //Search service
            return new ActuFiltersService();

        return $this;